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things with * following can be shuffled around a little - but everything here has to be done by friday afternoon. things with ~ following I might get J to help with. whee.


  • get M to help debug gateway script
  • get bank check for car down payment, and cash
  • go sign car paperwork
  • come back to work, keep debugging gateway


  • go pick up new car (!)
  • start putting prints together (at least marking the alignments)~*
  • make a decision on the damn fairy drawing - to try to fix it, or print as is, or leave until after arisia
  • laundry~*

  • more artwork foo
  • go to staples and get last two or three things printed~
  • go over to tara's and finish costume foo*
  • design business cards/labels*
  • get little plastic picture hanger thingies, if I can ever figure out who sells them*~

  • D&D

  • finish putting prints together; figure out pricing and write up bid sheets
  • watch ER
  • print business cards/labels~
  • start packing

  • *really* finish art foo and packing
  • remind T that Arisia starts today ;)
  • get all my crap down to the plaza by 3 or 4
  • set up for the art show

good thing i don't have to go to work this week or anything.... oh, wait.

I'm taking friday off, at least; and I suppose depending on how the beginning of this week goes I might be able to do a short day thursday.

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