Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

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productive evening

closed on our mortgage refinancing - that's $400/month less we're spending now, and no payment next month :)

found a TGI Friday's near Framingham for dinner. had long nifty debate on pros/cons of homeschooling.

went to AC Moore and got foam core and 3.72 bazillion mat cutter blades (whee!)

hit one chevy dealer which had no manual-trans trackers, tried to hit a couple more that were closed

came home and checked all the local chevy dealers' inventories online - looks like Nashua is the only place that has a decent selection.

so, guess we'll suck up the sleazy salesman and just go back there tomorrow morning. May also be ambitious and try a Honda CRV and/or a Suzuki Vitara while we're at it, depending on how J's feeling.

ok, I really should go work on artwork now. but I have a cat in my lap, and J's playing diablo II.... temptation....

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