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I had freakyweird dreams last night. It involved the wedding ceremony (in great detail, including a reading from the Book of the Law) of two friends of mine. Since both of them read this, I'm not going to say who because I'm not sure if they would be more horrified or amused...

And then the night before my dreams invoked my usual save-the-world theme, complete with water slides and jungle and guerilla warfare.

I'm fighting the urge to go over to T's and play FF10. But I should stay here and either sleep, attempt to do work, or take care of J now that he's sick too. Blah.

Version: 1.5beta1
MCH/CM XCO1++ PEG/CE/NG W N+ !D A a+ C++ G* QH+>+++ 666+++ Y+>+++

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