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today I played some civIII. did a little tiny bit of work. did the runaround with AAA (via J.) trying to track down my membership number (I lost my card - apparently they lost my entire record. sigh.) got alegria_a on LJ, finally :).

I would feel better about having gotten the extra day off if I could have gotten anything substantive done.

at least now is a relatively non-bad time for me to get sick. still have some time before arisia to get everything ready for that; holiday and visitor foo all over; just trying to buy a car at the moment, and that can wait a couple days, I guess (ignoring the paranoia that the pretty red tracker won't be there anymore by the time we both get better enough to deal with the sleazy salesman again).

I am almost motivated enough to go try to cut some mats. We'll see if I can manage not to fall over on my way up there :P

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