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So I'm procrastinating work, but I actually came up with an interesting realization:

I don't think I've ever personally encountered any bigotry/prejudice directed at me, despite being relatively flagrantly bi and pagan. I discovered bisexuality and paganism in college, which is about as liberal an environment as you can get (at least in my social circles), and my parents didn't really care (well, my dad initially reacted by blocking out the memory of my telling him I was bi, or so he told me later - I hadn't noticed anything odd at the time, and he's gotten *much* less uptight over the last three years). I haven't been so stupid as to tell my grandmother, but neither have I hidden it from her (she once commented that my pentacle was "very attractive", hehe).

Even when I went to Pride I was prepared to see at least some protesters yelling stuff, but I didn't see anything but happy supportive people. I've gotten some ignorant comments, like "do you do spells for people? can you tell the future?" and stuff like that, but nothing that seemed mocking or derisive.

So am I just oblivious to the hatred that I read about everywhere, or have I just been that lucky? Do I just look so normal that people assume I'm a nice straight Christian girl and don't bother me? I am confused. My experience and my knowledge don't match up, and I HATE it when that happens.

Ok, so I've made a lot of posts the last couple days. I should shut up now so as not to flood my friends' friends pages :) and so I can theoretically do some work. Ya right. Roller Coaster Tycoon is calling me.

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