Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
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this may be the work week(s) from hell coming up. fortunately, it's for two projects I really really like.

activebuddy: have to get basic script working by tomorrow morning, and big complicated script at least sketched out by wednesday (and working completely within two weeks)

robots: project boss coming into town thursday, want to have goal-oriented navigation working perfectly by then (it's in the debugging/tweaking stage now - but you never know how long debugging will take).

week's also full of meetings (relatively - I usually have maybe one per week); an informal one with mike on monday, a robot vtc tuesday, meeting with NLP folks wednesday, and thursday i meet with robot boss in the morning, go to a robot talk/vip lunch midday, and have activebuddy training all afternoon.

um, whee.

I wish overtime didn't go away at the end of december. (at MITRE, overtime turns into 'X-time' that you can use to do random stuff that there's no project to pay for.)
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