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note to self

aftershock bottles are fragile. pad well when transporting, unless you want your car to smell like alcoholic cinnamon for the next million years.

once said bottle has broken, remember that liquid degrades the structural integrity of the cardboard within which it and its companions are residiing, and do not try to lift the whole box out at once.

if you remember to do that, and start bringing bottles in one by one, remember that a six-pack is also a cardboard container, and should not be trusted to hold its own contents without splattering smirnoff ice and shot glasses all over the pavement.

fortunately, the ice and two of the shot glasses survived. the remaining shot glass, which read "Core Dump" left this world true to its name, by core dumping itself and leaving the operating system to collect its garbage. or is that carrying the overtired coding metaphor too far?

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